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71st Session 2014

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District CAGS Chairmen

If you are a District Girls State Chairman, please email the Chairman with your contact information.

Reservations 2014

Reservation Form for 71st Girls State Session 2014 - Reservations are accepted through October.

2014 Reservation in Word Format (Fill | Print)
2014 Reservation in PDF Format (Print | Hand Fill)
2014 Reservation in PDF Format (Fill | Save | Print)

Units to use this form to advise the Department Chairman of the schools to be sponsored for the current year.

If the Unit decides to make adjustments to the initial reservation, use this form. Clearly indicate on the form that this is an adjustment. Mail immediately to the Department Chairman.

Instructions 2014

Instructions 2014 for the 71st Girls State Session 2014 - Fill out this form before printing out. Most Unit information will populate entire form. The form can be printed out and filled in.

Packet is in .pdf format. (Free Adobe Acrobat Reader software required.)

  • Open and select Highlight Fields in upper right corner.
  • Fill in highlighted fields.
  • Save As document for your files using following name - Unit(number)_2014_Information_Packet.
  • Print pages as necessary. (Hint: When only one page of packet needs to be printed, go to File>Print. In print box select print current page.)

This 13-page packet includes:
     Instructions Cover Page
     Department Code Requirements for the Girls State Program
     Letter to the High School
     Selection Process Strategies
     Suggested Interview Questions
     Letter to Selected Delegate from Unit
     Letter to Selected 1st Alternate from Unit
     Letter to Selected 2nd Alternate from Unit
     Structure of Girls State
     Unit Chairman's Checklist
     Unit Transmittal to Department Chairman
     Unit Transmittal to Department Office


Bulletin #1
Bulletin #2
Bulletin #3
Bulletin #4
Bulletin #5

City Moms

City Mom Application

New School Scholarship

California Girls State Alumnae Foundation Scholarship Application (for Unit use only)

Wish List

Wish List for 2013 Session

Certificates & Public Relations

Press Releases - Adapt these to your Unit needs
     Date Announcement
     Attendee Chosen
     Returned Home

Emblem Sales - order
     Girls State Certificate of Appreciation
     Girls State Good Citizenship
     Girls State Bumper Sticker
(GS Logo)     
     Girls State Bumper Sticker

Department of California - fillable & printable
     Good Citizen Citation