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PROGRAM Mission Statement

To provide an outstanding, unique, and coveted educational opportunity for young women of California

that instills the basic ideals and principles of American government.



In alignment with the mission of the sponsoring organization, American Legion Auxiliary California GIRLS STATE seeks to promote the traditions of patriotism and citizenship, in an inclusive and civil environment. The organization’s four founding principles of Justice, Freedom, Democracy, and Loyalty combined with the core value of Service Not Self, can be found throughout the conference’s signature practices of promoting an understanding of the democratic process, honoring veterans and the military, mentoring young people, and developing self-efficacy. 


During ALA CAGS week-long leadership conference, a diverse mix of delegates from across the state will better their understanding of California’s local, county, and state government systems. This includes governmental structures and operations, as well as the election process for both candidates and voters. Participants will work to create a community unique to the values and beliefs of the current year’s attendees.  Through various lessons and simulation activities, participants will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills in civic engagement, consensus building, advocacy, and service learning. Participants will also gain experience in self-advocacy and public speaking, as well as how to develop social capital by building networks and relationships.

Volunteering for ALA California Girls State

We rely on the dedication of volunteers to run this week-long program for over 500 participants.

If you are interested in volunteering in a staff capacity for future sessions, contact us.

We also recruit for volunteers through our online alumnae networks.

Counselors must be at least 20 years of age at the start of the session.

2024 Counselor Application Coming Soon!

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