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Alumnae & donations 

support a delegate

  • Sometimes an American Legion Auxiliary Unit has a qualified candidate, but can't afford the fee to sponsor the candidate.

  • Your donation to the California Girls State program earmarked "CAGS Fee Scholarship" will give a candidate the opportunity to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  • Send your donation using this Form to the American Legion California Department office provided on the form and under "Contact Us".

Help Support the program with consumables

  • Consumables play an important part in the program experience.

  • Construction paper, felt pens, markers, glue, tape, colored pencils, sidewalk chalk, patriotic materials, and large rolls of white paper are used to enhance the city themes throughout the dorms and campus, make city-themed hats, produce election campaign materials, and more.

  • Our annual wish list can be found here: Wish List.


  • Producing a California Girls State session for more than 500 young women includes the management of eight separate electronically-produced elections. The Program believes that using electronic means is more efficient, accurate, and saves on paper ballots. If you are a business, particularly in the Claremont, CA area that can help us produce such elections, please contact the Director.

  • California Girls State also makes available many printed materials, such as handbooks, worksheets, forms, and the like, to operate a model government. If you are a business, particularly in the Claremont, CA area that can help us reduce our printing costs, please contact the Director.

  • The Director's contact information can be found on the "Contact Us" page.


  • If you are a California Girls State alumna and are wishing to connect with other California Girls State alumnae, please contact the California Girls State Alumnae Foundation. Their primary purpose is to support and promote the American Legion Auxiliary's California Girls State program and its alumnae. 

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