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This "Find a Unit" page may be a good starting place if you are seeking to find sponsorship for your high school to send a delegate to the California Girls State Program. The table below is a listing of the Units in California. To use the table, find your county first, then look to find a Unit in that county. If there is a Unit in your area, the local Chamber of Commerce or library may be able to help you connect with the Unit leadership. If you need more help, contact the Girls State Chairman under "Contact Us".

How to becOme a sponsored high school

Sponsorship is the key! If you are a California High School advisor, counselor or principal with questions about how your school can get involved with California Girls State by having a delegate represent your school, you need to answer the following questions.

  • Is there a local American Legion Auxiliary Unit in your city? If you don't know, contact the Girls State Chairman under "Contact Us".

  • Would your school student body funds be able to afford the fees (currently $400) should the local Unit be unable to financially support the delegate?

  • Do you feel there are at least five qualified candidates among your female, Junior class students?

If you could answer YES to the questions, contact the Girls State Chairman under "Contact Us"to begin the conversation about becoming a Girls State Delegate High School.

american legion auxiliary units in california

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